Quinnspired Art is now serving area Michigan Realtors in epoxy resin countertop refinishing! I will be coming to your vacant properties to upgrade those old countertops! Transforming the formica or laminate into stunning marble, granite and stone! I'm very excited about this new expansion of Quinnspired Art's Epoxy Resin artwork for vacant properties and new builds creating centerpieces for the kitchen and dining areas for a fraction of the cost to replace them!

Kelly Quinn is a Michigan artist with a niche in the world of epoxy resin art. Her work has been contracted for homes and businesses all over the country, and includes many design surfaces from counters, to tables and desks, to a broad range of wall art. Her unique style, incorporating custom color blends and additional elements (on request) such as crushed crystals, sand, and feathers, truly make each piece a treasure. Countertops and tables with faux textures including marble, stone, and granite, and water scenes including beaches, waves and rivers have garnered rave reviews.

Kelly's most in-demand epoxy surfaces are countertops, islands, tabletops, and desktops. Whether your home is being newly built, or you are wanting a fresh new look for an outdated kitchen or breakfast nook, or maybe want to recreate your kitchen island with an ocean beach scene, Kelly will turn your standard countertop surface into a unique, one-of-a-kind, eye-catching work of art! Take a look at her Gallery for examples of her highly acclaimed work.

Kelly is now accepting new table and countertop refinishing projects at her workshop. Are you removing your countertops and replacing them? Do you have a favorite old dining room table that needs to be refinished? Perhaps you have a bar top that needs refinishing? You can also custom order a coffee table top or dining table top and it can be shipped to your door! Just provide the sizes in the notes section on the Request a Quote tab.

If you're replacing your countertops, you can now bring your old countertops to Kelly's workshop and she will create unique, artistic and beautiful resin designs over the old laminate or formica surface. In a week, they will be just like new and gorgeous for pick up and reinstallation! Do you want a beach scene on your countertop island? Perhaps a stone or marble look? What are your soul colors? Unlimited color combinations with the new designs for your home! Be sure to check out Quinnspired Art's complete gallery!

Thank you for shopping with Quinnspired Art!

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